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· hyperreality

· abstract

· urban impressions




if i recall correctly, i first took a camera, a zorki 6, in my hands in the middle of the 60s. my basic technical and monochrom laboratory skills also date from that time. in the second half of the 90s my contact with photography became more intense thanks to travels and the development of digital image processing. another motivation were the issuing of digital cameras as well as the possibility of publishing images on the web and getting wider publicity. currently i use both analog and digital techniques completed with post-processing on the computer.

regarding the subjects, i like to make experiments and try new things, taking the risk that i am not always successful. i mainly like capturing abstract and architectural shapes with geometrical effects as well as using special photographic techniques: cross-development, multi-exposure, lensbaby. as a special field, related to my love of music, i like to take pictures at concerts, mainly of jazz musicians.

generally i go rambling without a definite aim to capture, process the material delivered by the accidental events. i aim to show my environment in such a way that makes the viewers wonder. up to this time i have avoided taking preset studio photographs.


henrik müller